Monday, May 10, 2010


I had some concepts I did for my animation short (still in production) so I decided to upload some here.



Thursday, May 6, 2010

From the 2010 BFA Illustration Senior Show...

It is taking me few months to post this.
This was for my "2010 BFA Illustration Senior Show, Shoulda Been A _____."
So many awesome works were displayed and I was thrilled to have this opportunity with my fellow graduating seniors.
If you came to the opening or to the gallery for the show, THANKS SO MUCH! I appreciate it so much! <3

I had my "4 Art Style Figure" (I posted it few months ago on this blog), "Girl with Hair", and my 6 minute reel on the iMac screen.

"Girl with Hair" was a combination of illustration and color studies. I enjoyed my color composition class last semester and I wanted to make a piece that reflected some of the stuff I learned.

*Click on the image to view it larger.

Enjoy~ :)